Providing an opportunity for you to rest & relax after giving birth or having surgery in 5 star luxury

Take all the time you need to recuperate in a calm, relaxing environment with luxurious facilities on hand.

Your Stay with LuxeCare

"We are so excited to provide this much sought after experience in New Zealand & customise a memorable stay for our clients at a time where all the little extras truly make a difference"

- Portia & Stef

This is a social care service not a healthcare service.

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If you're a mother to be for the second time like me, you won't think twice about booking a stay with LuxeCare. So exciting that this much sought after experience has finally arrived in New Zealand.


If you think about it, this is something that only happens once or twice in your life - booking a special stay with LuxeCare for after the arrival of our baby is priceless if you ask me.


I love that LuxeCare have Afterpay! While we wait for baby's arrival we can pay off our stay. So easy & I know it's going to be worth it.