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Innovation as brave and beautiful as parenthood itself. 

Shnuggle supports new parents and growing families with products which make the parenting journey easier. Although designed for babies and young children, our products are very much grown up and beautiful in design, growing and evolving as families grow, offering a helping hand with each step and milestone along the way. Products through bath, sleep and change time which we design to grow, adapt or follow-on through those early years. It’s a journey that we take with parents every step of the way. 

 Shnuggle Baby Bath

The multi-award winning Shnuggle Bath takes the stress out of bath time for babies and parents, creating a relaxing and a fun bonding experience. Suitable from newborn, the clever bum bump helps you support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bathtime for babies. The Shnuggle Baby Bath gives new mums and dads confidence and baby a comfy and cosy bathtime.

Shnuggle Pebbly Thermometer

Inspired by nature, Pebbly is beautiful in design and faithful in function. Gently shake to wake, drop into the water and let Pebbly do the rest. The simple heart shaped display will quickly and accurately let you know when baby's bath is not too hot, not too cold.....just right. Natures helping hand for life’s little miracles.


Shnuggle Squishy 

The Squishy Changing Mat is perfect for cosy nappy changes as well as a comfy place for tummy-time and baby massage. The premium material is warm and comfortable against baby’s skin while its gentle incline helps to ease reflux and colic. Waterproof and easy to clean, the Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat ensures a comfy change time.





Shnuggle Washy

Create happy bath times with Washy, the clever rinsing bath jug from Shnuggle. Designed with a soft rim to gently rest against the contour of baby’s head, helping to direct water away from sensitive little eyes.

The soft feel handle allows you to comfortably rinse baby’s hair and has been designed to neatly hook onto the Shnuggle Bath for easy access and storage. The perfect bathtime accessory for all ages. 


Shnuggle Eco-Touch Nappy Bin

The Eco-Touch Nappy Bin has been designed to create an effortless change time for you and baby. With a simple, one handed ‘drop and go’ operation you don’t have to worry about struggling with an overcomplicated system, just let the bin do the work. The dual-seal odour airlock keeps unwanted odours trapped inside, even when the outer lid is open. For extra peace of mind, every day touch points have been treated with an anti-bacterial additive.

Thoughtfully eco, the Shnuggle Eco Nappy Bin is cassette free, saving on ongoing costs and plastic waste. The Better Bag Nappy Bin Liners are 100% biodegradable ensuring your choice of nappies and wipes are supported. Free from single use plastic and made from 100% recyclable plastic, the Eco Touch Nappy Bin is a kinder choice. 

Shnuggle Better Bag Liners

The Shnuggle Better Bag Nappy Bin Liners have been designed for use with the Shnuggle Eco-Touch Nappy Bin. 100% biodegradable, our Better Bag Bin Liners offer a kinder choice of bin liner, generating less carbon emissions and less plastic as well as helping to trap odours inside. Each pack includes 45 bags lasting up to 135 days when used with the Eco-Touch Nappy Bin. Also compatible with other bins using smaller sized bin liners.


Shnuggle Moonlight Night Light

Light up every step with Shnuggle Moonlight, the sleep friendly portable nightlight. In Parent Mode, choose the perfect soft, baby-safe glow to feed, comfort and change baby through the night, anywhere in your home. As baby grows simply switch to Child Mode and Moonlight becomes the perfect night time companion for your child. A soothing bedside light to help promote sleep and a comforting light during your little one’s late night bathroom trips.

The clever, temperature sensing dock also helps you to keep the room temperature just right. 



Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib

The Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib combines all the key features of baby’s first bed to provide a safe, close and cosy sleep space from birth, but is uniquely designed to grow with baby; converting to a stylish cot and extending the familiar sleeping space for toddlers up to approximately 2 years. Designed with breathability at its core, the Shnuggle Air is truly a breath of fresh air.

Shnuggle Air Crib Waterproof Sheets

Super soft waterproof sheet made from a breathable, 100% Tencel jersey to create a dry and safe sleeping environment for your baby. As well as being much kinder to the environment, tencel has been carefully chosen for its super absorbent, breathable and soft qualities, making it perfect for baby. 100% waterproof, protecting both baby and mattress for a more restful and safe sleeping space.

Shnuggle Air Crib Sheets

Style your crib with the Shnuggle bedding collection. Uniquely designed geo prints made from 100% super soft cotton. Designed to complement the Shnuggle Air and a wide range of other cribs. The Crib Bedding Set is available in 3 beautiful designs to complement your home.