The Sitting Period | Zuo yue zi

How LuxeCare was born…

Zuo yue zi is a Chinese tradition used by the asian people dating back over a thousand years. Zuo Yue Zi translated, means ‘to sit a month or sitting a moon cycle’.  It is the belief and cultural practice that in the first month of postpartum, women are to be cared for in specific ways, so that they replenish their bodies so they have energy to care for themselves and their newborn babies. 

This includes daily routines of drinking special teas, eating specific nutritious food to help with milk supply and internal recovery, all which help in restoring their bodies and their iron levels.

Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan have been doing it this way for many, many years and in more recent times rules have been slightly altered, due to the coming of times. Usually the mother is confined to the house for a month, however these days many Asian women are choosing to stay in luxurious postpartum hotels that provide five star service and accommodation. The focus of this practice at many establishments is firmly on rest and recuperation.

Though some of the practices may vary, the core principals of East Asian postpartum maternal care are: stay in bed, eat nutritious types of food, stay very warm and refrain from working either professionally and/or domestically for a period of time ranging up to a month postpartum. 

These rituals are important as preventative health care. The more secure and safe you feel after birth the better postpartum experience you will have and therefore directly affects your newborn. 

The same also goes for people that have undergone Major/Minor surgery and need a place away from the domestic hustle and bustle to rest your body and mind. Making sure you eat foods that are nutritiously going to help with your bodies recovery. 

That is why we have created LuxeCare – it is a place where you can rest and relax and recover, in privacy and enjoy those special intimate moments with your new born baby or recover and repair from surgery.

Thank you for reading our first Blog, we have thoroughly enjoyed writing it and we will make sure that there are many more helpful and insightful blogs coming each month.

Love Portia & Stef